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You Are My Sunshine

I'm Yours


Where You Are


Past recordings will be posted here.

And here.

Maybe here

This is a personal project I've been wanting to undertake for awhile. I'll be posting a new recording on this site every other day, mostly covers, but some original. When you enter the site, simply use the mini player in the top left corner of the page to play & pause the day's track - songs will also be downloadable. Until I begin recording, I've uploaded the covers from my 2008 Square One EP. They suck. Check out the archive for the other songs.

The World You Love

I recorded the Square One EP as a Christmas present to close friends & family because I'm dirt poor. And because I love them. This song by Jimmy Eat World is one my closest friends and I will always love. Click the play button above my head to listen, or click the song title to download.